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I have a real salty taste in my mouth and all food items, including water, coffee, tea, soda and milk has a putrid taste. I've lost 40 pounds in the last three weeks because if I eat very much I through-up.
Thats how bad the food taste.
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I would consider seeing your MD first and if you can not get an answer I think you need to see your dentist. I have no idea what this might be coming from.
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Factors associated with altered taste(dysgeusia)
Acute necritizing gigivitis
Chorda typani injury
Drugs, especially antibiotics
Endocrine disease
Heavy-matal intoxication
Psychological problems
Zinc deficiency
Idiopathic conditions
The information is quoted from: oral pathology,clinical pathologic correlations, page139, 3rd edition, saunders, written by Joseph A, Regezi, James J, Sciubba,
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