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Root Canal Gone Bad?

I was experiencing severe pain last week and went to my dentist.  He sent to me a periodontist and he didn't find anything unusual.  I called my dentist back the next day and he was at a conference and I was referred to his a dentist that was covering for him.

This dentist said I had a filling from several years ago that was close to a nerve so I needed a root canal.  I went on Monday for the root canal.  He apparently took out the main root or nerve or whatever it is in there (sorry).  He scheduled me to come back today to finish the root canal.  It was a little painful.  He used some kind of drill to go into the canals and then filled with white stuff.

After he did that, he took an xray.  He said that he didn't go deep enough on 2 of the canals so the filling didn't get all the way to the end.  I took a deep breath and got ready for more pain for him to remove the filling stuff and start the process again.  

After a few minutes, they told me to go schedule another appointment.  I said there must be a mistake because he said he needed to redo the root canal.  They said they had only scheduled me for an hour and there were other patients waiting so I would have to come back......  You have got to be kidding!

Does anyone know if this is normal for me to have to go to yet another dentist appointment to get this fixed?  By the time I have the crown put on, this will end up being 8 appointments... 1. my dentist  2.  periodontist   3.  new dentist consultation   4.  root canal   5.  root canal   6.  root canal   7. crown  8.  crown

Is this the dentist's fault for not getting it done right or does this just happen sometimes?

Any info would be helpful - thanks in advance,

Gone Bad?

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