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Root Canal Redo

I had a root canal on molar 14 in 1989 followed by a crown. About 4 weeks ago, I went to my dentist for an abscess that developed on the gum next to this molar. An x-ray revealed infection. I've been on penicillin for 3 weeks and seeing an endo on Friday to have it evaluated. So far, my dentist said I may have to get the root canal redone. When I asked him if this would save the tooth, he said not necessarily. So, if I have the tooth extracted, what can be done to fill the void? He doesn't think an implant is feasible. Just trying to find out what other options I might have before I spend thousands on a tooth that may not be worth saving. Any ideas?
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Periapical pathology associated with endodontic failure is not uncommon, particularly mesiobuccal root of upper first mnolar(#14), in which there may be 2 canals, and one tends to be missed by clinician.Certainly redo root canal is not a guarantee to resolve the periapical lesion.However, after complete canal debridement and obturation, if the lesion persists, periapical surgery along with apicoectomy and retrograde filling may save the tooth. If periapical surgery is not successful, root amputation may save the tooth. Your condition is probably far beyond extraction.
The tooth can be replaced by implant , it probably needs sinus lift or sinus elevation.
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Thank you for your information.  
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