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Root Canal Still Hurts

I had two root canals in seven months ago and the teeth still hurt if tapped on.  The lower one had a huge abscess on the x-ray, but endodontists only allow for two visits and like to finish in one if they can.  I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic penicillin, and had to stop taking it.  First visit she drilled  down and opened the apex.  There was a lot of pus, and she temporarily sealed it, and the pressure built up not being able to drain I lived on Advil for a week.  Pain was a ten and my joints and knees hurt so bad I seldom slept.  On the second visit there was so much pus coming out, but she still sealed it instead of treating it.  I read that an abscessed tooth should not be permanently sealed until no pus is coming out of it.  All that pus has to go through my body to be flushed out.  It just seems incredibly stupid and dangerous on the part of the endodontist.  My joints still hurt, but not as bad, and I broke out in itchy rashes where I perspire and was told by the doctor he thought I have a superinfection.  The rash has continued for seven months.  It reminds me of the rashes I get from latex contact, so I can't help wondering if I am reacting to what she filled the root with and maybe extruded beyond the apex.  If it's an immune reaction, I don't know what to do.  Twenty years ago a dentist substituted nickel crowns for the nickel free noble metal she promised to make more profit, I guess, and I got so sick like the flu and had awful body rashes all over my body where I perspire and my skin itched and burned.  My legs swelled and I looked bloated and puffy and my gums inflamed around the crowns.  This went on for years and finally quieted down going from a 10 down to a 3. Wondering if anyone else has gotten skin rashes after a root canal?  
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