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Root Canal on eye tooth


I just read about people having pain for years after getting a root canal.  Now I am so afraid, b/c I am scheduled to get one next week.  I have discomfort with hot foods and the top of the tooth is starting to blacken.  Eight years ago I was told I needed one but the pain had left, so I put it off.  It has returned slightly and I don't know what to do.

I am military and must move to England next month.  I have no idea of dental care over there, and I feel like I'm under pressure to get this done before I leave.  In the past year I have had some strange health problems with gluten intolerance, so I don't know how my body will react to this invasion.  What is your opinion?

Thank you!

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I can understand your anxiety with dental treatment but generally root canals aren't too problematic.  If there is an infection in the area and its been there for that many years, it is definitely best to have the root canal done.  The root canal consists of removing the infected tissue and placing a filling material to seal the root tip so the infection won't spread.  It is definitely more risky to not treat the problem and possibly develop an abscess.

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