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Root Canal perforation

My crowned tooth #19, which had a previous root canal, unknown number of years ago, developed an absess at the bottom of the roots.

During my 2nd visit, while Endo doc was removing the previous old post to gain access to the abscess, he told me he caused a small perforation in the root. After an hour and a half, he finished the treatment...and filled the tooth.  I'm on Penicillin.  Doc told me to expect some discomfort and called last night to check on me.  Good Doc. And, complications happen!

Question...my tooth was throbbing throughout the night as well as now...24 hours later.  Is this what I should expect.? I'm guessing the trauma to the tooth from all the drilling and post removal and perforation is the cause, right? Thanks
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Perforation of retreated root canal is not an uncommon complication. Obturation of the perforated canal with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate appears to yield promising results.
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Now day 3 of root canal recovery.  

Thanks for the response.  I guess that complication is not the explanation for the continuing severe tooth throbbing since Doc would have used the best fill method. Spoke twice to doc yesterday, told him I have developed a low grade fever and also said pain was worsening, not improving.  Taking pain meds and motrin...but still woke thru night with extreme pain.Also on penicillin 500..3x a day.  Doc says, as long as there is no swelling, then there is no infection.  Beginning to doubt that??

Funny,...as I was typing this, Doc/endo called me and told me to come in for a check up...I guess hes concerned at this point as well. So, others might learn, I report back my results. Thanks again. abbott
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Great conclusion......Doc prescribed a steroid med.  Improvement began in 2 hours......no infection and have no idea why this drug is making the throbbing reduce but, it is.!!  Pain has gone from 10 to 3.

Good luck everyone else..
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