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Root Resorption in a Tooth, considering dental implant

I have severe root resorption in one of my tooth. I really don't want to loose it but over time the dentist suggests it will fall. I am very much nervous about this.
I wish there is a way to salvage this but my dentist says its too late(also I never felt pain in that tooth so the dentist suggests it was possibly a trauma that has caused it to undergo resorption)

Whats worse is that he told me about dental implants and that I might be an ideal candidate for it. I am really worried about inserting an implant. Anyways, if I do insert a dental implant.  Would it be possible to remove it 5 years from now(lets say there is better treatment available? or will it be there for good?)
Is it possible to remove a dental implant safely without damaging any tissues/cells ?
Please advise. I have been extremely nervous for a week now.
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Implants are permanent but removable if you should choose to remove it. I would recommend an implant to keep the tooth above it from protruding.
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If root resorption tooth is  asymptomatic , you don,t need to worry. No one can tell when the tooth will come out. Implant is a highly predictable and viable option for replacing missing tooth.once it is inserted and restored , it can service decades, no need to remove healthy implant.
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