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Root canal or teeth extraction! Which is better solution?

Six months before, I consulted a dentist when I had tooth pain while biting with the top right molar. I was told to have a tooth filling then. But I skipped my appointment as I was scared and hated dental procedures. But now, I regret not doing the fills at the right time as it hurts like hell!
When the pain became unbearable, I visited the dentist, and he told me that the hole had gone deep. So tooth filling alone can't cure the problem. The only remedy suggested by him was to do a root canal, and I took an appointment for next week. But I'm very much scared about the root canal procedure!!!
Moreover, one of my friends increased my anxiety by sharing his experience on the root canal. He said his teeth were extracted even after the process due to severe pain. I'm now confused about whether to go with the root canal or extract the infected tooth.
Can anyone here help me? I would like to hear your experiences on this as it could help me make the right decision.
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I wholly recommend getting it extracted and use a porcelain tooth that gets glued to the side teeth. I had a root canal filling and it completely ruined my life. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, vertigo, poor focus, and zero energy. Even reduced sexual performance. Oh and rheumatism! I didn’t know what was bothering me for years until I did a root canal redo last month. I had fought all these symptoms for years and I was suddenly slammed with them! I found this forum by looking for people who had similar experiences as me. I recommend watching “Root Cause” and don’t listen to a dentist that says the tooth won’t be infected afterwards. They are trained to believe it but it’s nonsense. The tooth turns frigging black under the gums. Pull it and use an alternative solution. Good luck!
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