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Rotting teeth... need implant help

I am a 38yr old female in Seattle. Because of bad dental care, and a fight at a younger age my front teeth are rotting and GOING to fall out soon, one is barely hanging on. I have been to many different dentist that have said I need at least 3-4 removed, and thats the easy part. Replacing teeth are extremely expensive, and is not something I can afford. I am not low income, but I don't make enough money to pay for what I need and my credit is very bad, so financing is denied. I don't fully smile which makes taken pictures horrible and makes my face have a confusing look of am I really smiling or not. I need advice on how to get the dental work I need at a low or No cost. Will posing for dental pictures, going to the dental school, working part time at the dentist office for free, will anything help me get a better price on my dental work. Are there programs I can sign up for?, begging ... pleading?? I really need to know if it is totally impossible to get help with this. I have tried searching the internet, but no luck. $1200 a tooth plus everything else that has to be done is beyond what I can afford.
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