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Salty Taste in Mout and Bad Chapped/Crack Lips

I don't know where to go, so I am coming here. About 4 months ago, I started to experience a severely salty taste in my mouth and my lips became severely chapped and then "cracked". I initially thought this had something to do with a medication I was on, because it continued on for a month and when I got a new bottle the next month, it went away pretty fast. I talked to my doctor about this and he assured me he has never heard of this happening before while on the medication (Tenofovir for a chronic Hepatitis B virus)

For month 2 and 3 it went away completely. Then month 4 came about, and it did not come back until about a week towards the end of month 4. I was reading up on some stuff, and people have suggested it could be related to my teeth and/or gums.

After searching this forum, I found that someone had a similar reaction to a gold crown back in 2010. They said the issue went away when they had a temp crown put on. At some point, back in 2013, I had a gold crown put it. I changed the crown to a porcealin crown that was fused to gold (CapTek Crown). While it's solid, I've been having lots of issues on my right side with TMJ, tinnitus (started when the gold crown after a root canal), my neck and now this. The salty taste with the chapped lips is quite recent and I never had ANY of these problems before hand.

How possible is it that these crowns are all related? What steps can I take to eliminate these problems? Is there a possibility that I am allergic to gold? Is there a way to find out if I am? The taste in my mouth is primarily coming from my right side of the gums and stronger near where the two crowns are (tooth #30 and tooth #31). I'm reluctant to go to my dentist about this, because I suspect he won't find the issue (I'm tempted to try porcealin with no medal in it as well)

Has anyone else experiences this and what happened or what did you do? I'm tempted to tell them to yank the one tooth because it's already cut down so short.
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