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Scared about dry socket

I had my wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago and today I was checking out the inside of my mouth and pressed back on the inside of my cheek and a pink substance kid of squished from one of the bottom extraction sites. It didn't hurt or anything and I immediately rinsed my mouth with the solution I was given by the doctor. I am scared it was a clot. It hasn't happened to any of the other sites and this particular site bothers me the most because it is the one where the tooth was farthest away from the top of my gum.
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It may be some food debris mixed with blood that came out.  As shinty stated, a dry socket is usually quite painful and would need to be "packed" with placed with a dressing.  

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Don't worry, you WILL KNOW when you have a dry socket, they are very very painful indeed. It was probably a clot, but not the clot that is in the socket (up further) that would cause a dry socket. just keep on doing what you were told by your dentist, or oral surgeon and you will be fine. Good luck.
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