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Seizure with lidocaine/epinephrine

I had a terrible experience today.  In a simple dental procedure, I had what I can only describe as a seizure after getting what was supposed to be lidocaine and epinephrine injection.  The area never got numb, and the pain from the point of the needle each time they attempted to inject me was painful.  I was taken to the ER and released after 8 hours with no explanation.  
I read that lidocaine can cause a seizure.  I have had injections many times with no problem.  What could have gone wrong?

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Getting lidocaine for wisdom tooth extraction--felt the needle going in and woke up 45 minutes later in ER.  I had had a seizure!  Hundreds of shots for teeth over the years, never any such experience. Surgeon swore he found no blood in syringe and couldn't understand why I seized.  Swore he did everything right, never heard of lidocaine causing a seizure this way. Apologized profusely.  I'm now worried about completing the extraction, which has to be done.  Worried that others have experienced seizures even with a general.
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After my similar experience, I can only think there was something in the needle that should not have been there.  The Loma Linda school dental department was not as nice as the doctor in your experience.  They immediately "circled the wagons" and became so defensive.  Ugh!!  I just write on my medical history that I am allergic to lidocaine and epinephrine.  However, I get phenol shots in my neck for neck pain without lidocaine, which is painful.  I will probably never never know what really happened.
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I had a scarry experience with lidocane/epinephrine today,  I felt like a lightning thru my tongue and then double vision.  If I covered one eye the vision was ok otherwise.  My blood pressure went up also from 107/75 to 149/89.  Vision is ok now,  blood pressure decreased but not all the way.
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I wanted to share my horrible dental experience was lidocaine (this happened to me a few years ago now).  I have ME/CFS and I hadnt seen the online warnings that for those of us with ME, anethestics with the epinephrine in them can be very bad and best avoided for those of us with this, so I found this out the hard way.

I didnt have any other pain relief except this lidocaine injection so my reaction was certainly from that.  It caused me to have a near seizure or a seizure.  My legs started majorly jerking, I started twitching all over.   I was left so bad that I couldnt walk after the procedure due to all developing neurological issues.  I was stuck in the dentist clinic for up to an hour until I was was able to walk to my car just outside the door.  I was so bad that we could of rang an ambualance (I thou choose not for that to happen as I hate hospitals).

If that wasnt bad enough, well my issues didnt end there once the neurological symptoms stopped.  Where I'd been injected me up into the roof of mouth.. went into extreme pain. It was as bad as someone was using a drill into me.  This injection site area hurt extremely for days and hurt far worst then the area in which my widom tooth had been removed from!!

Ive had lidocaine again since then without issue this time but now knew to say.. leave the epinephrine out of it please!!  (Ive since found out due that I already have abnormally high ephinephrine..so now on daily drug to lower that... no wonder I reacted so badly to that ephinephrine!)
This is exactly the information I was seeking. I have had two major seizures/convulsions from lidocaine (once with epinehrine, once witout). I was rushed to the hospital from the dentist's office both times. The seizures eventually subsided (after 4 hours or more). I recently discovered that I have ME/CFS. I suspected that the dental seizures were related. Do you have any sources for information on the correlation? Thanks.
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My wife had seizure about 1 minute after her dentist injected her with lidocaine and epinephrine. The seizure lasted for about 1-2 minutes, her by blood pressure dropped to 90/55. She was very pale. What's interesting is that my wife is epileptic, but 18 months ago she was prescribed lamictal daily. Herr seizures stopped. This lidocaine induced seizure was the first in 18months.
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