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Sensitivity At Top of Teeth


I have two teeth, the ones two and three teeth to the right of my front most tooth (sorry I don't know how to describe the location better). The past few weeks they have been very sensitive when it comes to rinsing my mouth with cold water after brushing. So much so that I started using warm water to do so. I have discovered that they each have a ridge along the very top on the front side of the tooth. Above the ridge, if touched with a finger, is extremely sensitive. None of my other teeth have this particular ridge or sensitivity issue.

Thank you so much for your help.
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I had the same problem on my front teeth on the upper right side (3 of them).  I went
to the dentist & part of my problem was due to grinding my teeth at night.  What he
did was to build up & cover the exposed part of the tooth (above the ridge line) & made
it look like it was all just part of the tooth.  What a difference that made !!!  Now cold
liquids or sweets do not bother those teeth at all !!
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You should probably go to a dentist to get it checked out.  It may be due to the gums receding in the area and exposing the root, resulting in some sensitivity.  It can also be due to other reasons such as abfraction, in which you are grinding/clenching your teeth and its causing wear and tear at the neck of the tooth and thinning the area out.  Try some sensitivity toothpaste as well.

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