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Sensitivity after filling


I recently had four composite fillings and my teeth are hurting when i chew hard foods. The dentist warned me I should stay away from hard foods for a week or so, but it's been three months with no change. If something small gets stuck in a filling it's especially painful. Also, if i eat sweets one of the teeth begins to ache terribly. I also have a sensitivity to cold in at least two of the teeth, and if I drink hot liquids, some of them begin to throb. I went to the dentist a month ago and he said the fillings are solid, and attributed my continued sensitivity to the fact that I'm a grinder. He said the aching from sweet foods might mean that the sweetness is getting between my teeth, into contact with the inflamed nerve (from all the grinding). I purchased a biofeedback device called GrindAlert to curb the grinding, but it will probably be a while before I begin to see results. I'm wondering why I'm still having this discomfort. I have had cavities filled in the past with no problems, but I always had the metal ones. My current dentist wont do the metal ones, he said, because of mercury. Any information you have would be most helpful. Thanks so much.
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If you got a shot when you had the fillings done, you may have aggravated the nerve.  I also had fillings about the time you did and still have pain and sensitivity from where the doctor thinks he probably touched the nerve with the needle.

Grinding is more likely to move your teeth (my molars started turning inward from grinding) or hurt your jaw.  Please post again if you find out from your other sources that sensitivity can be caused by grinding.

Best of luck.
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Possible sources of discomfort, occlusal interference, deep decay, residual decay.Going back to your dentist to investigate the source of discomfort is advised.
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