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Septocaine and jaw locked now dislocated

In mid March I had a septocaine injected lower left, by a hygenist for cleaning.  About 3 minutes after the injection my jaw locked, not only did the jaw lock, but my tongue went numb to the point where it would not move, my throat went numb and I could not swallow, I was numb all the way up through the temple.   It wore off after 8.5 hours, but my jaw has been out of place since that time.   The pain has become progressively worse and has spread to the right side as well.  My mouth is crooked and in my bite is way out of alignment, I have trouble talking and chewing, because the jaw has to pop once it gets to a certain point and it shifts when it does and I end up biting my tongue or inside of my mouth when trying to form certain words, low grade headaches to severe headaches, one so bad I ended up in the ER.   I also have problems with the muscle in my neck on the side the injection was given and I don't even want to think about the ear pain.   It generally feels a little better in the morning, so I am not a night clencher or grinder.   I have been on muscle relaxers, alternating heat and cold to try to get it to pop back.

I will see an oral surgeon in a week  and my question is:  Is there any hope for me that this can be corrected?  If so any idea of what to expect on the visit or any pertinent questions I should pose to the doctor?   Is this something that happens very often with lower nerve blocks?  
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If its locked out of place, the surgeon would probably just try to pop it back into place.  I don't treat dislocated jaws so I'm not sure exactly how they evaluate it but once they pop it back into place, I would imagine it'd be sore and you'll be on a soft diet with anti-inflammatories, etc until the area heals up.  
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Thank you, even though you don't treat dislocated jaws it seems there is a bit of hope for it.    Thanks again for your time.

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