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Severe pain after root canal

I've been having a lot of problems with my #18 molar. One year a go I had a large filling put in place, 13 months later I went in for my 6 mo cleaning and described pain I was having in the bottom left side of my mouth. After my dentist reviewed my x-rays he found there was a huge cavity underneath my filling, keep in mind this is the filling he filled just 13 months ago. My Dentist decided to grind my tooth down and put on a crown because the filling was already too big, this cost me a little over $400.

I got fitted for the crown and had a temporary put in place. I came back a week because I was having really sharp pain in the same tooth. My dentist did a pain test and numbed just the never of that tooth, and sure enough I needed a root canal, now I had to fork out $900 for the root canal procedure.

After the root canal was preformed I had the usual pain, but I took my antibiotic and pain meds and I was able to deal with it. I was schedule to come back in two weeks for the final filling and fitting of my permanent crown.

A few days before my apt, my temporary crown came off while I was eating. I was on vacation, so I was unable to see the dentist for 4 days. I was worried that my root was totally exposed and I was going to get an infection so I called my dentist in which they assumed me everything would be fine.

I went to my regular scheduled apt and they filled my tooth and placed my permanent crown on. While he was filling my root canal it was extremely painful. He was telling me its better if the patient isn’t numb so they can feel where and if there is any discomfort. Well there was certain a lot of discomfort in my case. He suspected he didn’t get all of the nerve so he numbed me and started filing away at my tooth. Even after he numbed me I was still feeling a lot of discomfort even though my whole left side of my face, from ear to chin, was numb. Once the numbing started to wear off I was in extreme pain. I was taking my pain meds every 2-3 hours, but it still wasn't taking the edge off. I would wake up two or three times in the night and cry because the pain was so severe. I called a couple days later and told them I couldn't handle the pain, so this past Friday my dentist and his assistant came, on their day off, to take my filling out to let my tooth rest. I was prescribed another 10 days of antibiotics and more pain pills. It's been 5 days and I'm still taking my pain meds religiously and in a lot of discomfort. This can't be normal. Is it?

It doesn't seem right that one year a go my dentist did a routine filling on my tooth and a year later I'm having a root canal on it because that same tooth some how got a massive cavity. He should have done the filling correctly the first time.

Please help me! What should I do? What could be wrong with my poore tooth?

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Seeing an endodontist is advised.
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Well I just went to the dentist AGAIN this morning. He found a small abscess at the end of my tooth, which he drained. He stuffed my tooth with foam to help it continue to drain. I hope this was the cause of my pain and discomfort, but I wont know until the numbing wears off.
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Once you are done with that tooth, I would find a new dentist.  You are right to believe that decay should not move that fast.  And your dentist should have at least credited your old filling back, since it failed.
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I think I will take your advice. It is so hard because I've known him (my dentist) for years and years. I just recently started going to him for teeth cleaning, and to just stop going after all he had tried to do.

As for a tooth update. I'm actually doing a lot better. I slept through the night and I have only taken 3 pain pills in 24 hours, which is amazing since I was taking them every 2-3 hours prior to yesterday.

Hmmm now I should get to finding a new dentist. 1800-Dentist here I come!
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It's been a little over a week (12 days) since my crown was placed back on after they drained my abscess. I'm now having some crazy sinus headache and pain in my cheek.

The pain stems from my #18 (molar back bottom left). My cheek pain almost feels like its in my salivary gland. You know when you taste something that is really bitter or seat and you get sharp pains in your cheek, that's what my pain is, only constantly. For the past 3 days I've had this sinus headache on my left side. Advil or Tylenol wont help.

I don't have an apt with my dentist until March 10th which is when he will fill my root canal.

I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm finding a new dentist, but with the money I have already paid for the root canal and other on lay fillings I don't see going to anyone else until these issues are taken care of. Not only am I having pain with this root canal but another one of my fillings that he filled the same time I was fitted for my temporary crown way back when (January 12th) is now starting to ache. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that tooth. Do I want until I get to another dentist and have him examine it?
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Getting a second opinion is never a bad idea, and there is no need to wait.
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If you keep having  problems with this tooth, please do what Scottma told you to do in the first entry...Go to an endodontist (they are specialists who do root canals). After my experiences, I will NEVER allow a regular dentist to do another root canal, especially on a molar.  It will cost more usually, but the money you save by letting a regular dentist do the procedure will be wasted when you either have to lose the tooth or have the root canal redone or both. I know the resulting frustration and pain and expense you are going through too well.  The endodontist is the best step you can take next. To anyone else reading this post, pay the money for an endodontist and get the job done right.  Let us know what happens.
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