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Severe pain only on one area after dental implant surgery

Hello :
One week ago I had dental implant surgery . Bone grafts and because of my bone strongest in front  , my implants and bone grafts were the two front teeth attached to my bridge that went to my canines . I was sedated in surgery but woke up because the surgeon / dentist was having a hard time gluing the bridge on the left side . Lots of cold air I remember and pressing !! Well I was sore but I’m really sore on that side one week later  . No soreness at all on the other side ! When I saw my surgeon today I asked for an X-ray but he said it’s not time yet !  I wanted to make sure the left upper implant didn’t fail . ( I had one failure already ! ) I really can’t tell if an implant has failed because I’m wearing a temp bridge ! What is the excruciating pain comes and goes mostly when I lay down and very sensitive to cold liquids ! I almost died with cold mouthwash ! The other side nothing . My dentist said maybe the tooth ( canine ) needs a root canal . I really wish he would have took an X-ray ! Why is he making me wait . Any ideas ? I see him next week for X-ray. I didn’t have any pain in my canine tooth before the surgery . Ugh ! Any input will be appreciated!
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Deb were you able to find a solution? I see no one has answered you? Are you better? please let us know. tia
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