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Severe tooth, jaw and ear pain weeks after fillings

Hi. I'll try to convey all the info I have as I'm not sure what is causing the pain. I went to the dentist on may 24th. An old silver filling broke and it needed to be replaced. It was the second molar from the back on my left side. The tooth behind it (far back molar) was affected as well. I needed two fillings. He said one was very deep. I assume it was the broken filling tooth but I'm not sure. I got a shot to numb my mouth but it didnt work. Got another and he started drilling but i could feel everything.  He gave me another and I felt a sharp pain radiate through my lower jaw. Im no expert, but I'm fairly certain it was a nerve. My mouth is held open by some ridiculous contraption to keep my tongue out of the way. It is too big for my mouth and very uncomfortable. He gives me a few breaks which I gladly take ad finally finishes almost 3 hours after the start. That night when the shots wore off, i was in more pain than I have ever been. My face radiated pain and nothing helped. I sobbed in the shower for a good hour. It was sore for a few days after but seemed ok. On june 11th, i was on an airplane and my jaw felt tight and just ached all over. That night the teeth that i had fillings in hurt. I took advil and it helped. The next several days i have periodic pain. No rhyme or reason. Not sensitive to hot or cold, i can eat when it doesnt hurt. But its several days of pain. I see my dentist on june 27th and he says it sounds like a muscle sprain. He took an xray and said it looked good. Sends me on my way telling me to not grind my teeth, take tylenol and use hot compresses.  Fast forward to july 10th. I see him again. Pain is unbearable,  especially at night. He takes another xray. Says its good. Gives me an antibiotic. I cant handle this pain. I am at a loss and I don't know what is causing it. It doesnt feel like a sore muscle, the pain is in my jaw below my teeth that have the new fillings, all the way to my front teeth, up my cheekbone on my left side and it settles right in front of my ear. Its a very sharp pain. Advil and tylenol help but only for so long. Ive been taking at least 8 pain pills a day for over a month. I dont usually use any kind of medicine! Please tell me this will subside or what it could be.  I will try anything!
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