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Sinus Infection Due To Tooth Extraction ??

Last Tuesday i had tooth # 2 removed ( Upper ) and next day i came down with a major Migraine and few days later my body started to hurt and nose got congested  , i went to the Dr. who said this was a sinus infection. I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out.

It has been about 7 days now , anyone got any opinions or advise ?

I never had this before and if anyone has any opinions , please help.
Symptoms : Nasal Congestion , Serious Headache , Body Aches , Pain near eyes , Upper Jaw pain.
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Are you taking any antibiotics for your sinus infection?  

Its possible there may have been an oro-antral communication after the extraction.  Basically it means that during the extraction, the sinus may have had a slight tear or opening in which bacteria from the mouth got in.  A course of antibiotics, nasal decongestant and special care should help such as not blowing your nose, etc.
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I had a Migraine after the extraction that has not left and it has been about 8 days now , i also have a real bad smell when i breath through my nose , also post nasal drip , and all of this happened right after the extraction. I been laying in bed the last 4 days.
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Dr , Thanks for the reply.

Doctor what happened was my tooth was bothering me and i went to a dentist which told me to go to a oral surgeon. She gave me a prescription of Amoxicillian and Pain reliever , I am unsure why she gave the antibiotics. Anyways , a few days later i went to the oral surgeon who removed the tooth and said my root was curved which was causing the pain. They were going to write a prescription but i informed the the previous dentist gave me one already , problem is i lost the medicine . Now two days after the extraction i have a serious migraine with lots of pressure , followed by nasal congestion and pressure in my head , mucus is dripping out my nose and when i do blow my nose it is a very nasty foul odor that makes me gag , at night seems as if i have a low grade fever , because i feel cold at night. My body is aching and never felt like this before ever in my life , i am so scared.

I really do not know what to do now , im going back to the dentist tomorrow and show her what the oral surgeon did just in case something is wrong. Anyways Mr.Tsang what should i do next ?? Also is this common or rare ??

I noticed you said not to blow my nose ? I feel as if i have to unless it will be swallowed. Would you recommend a Neti Pot , I just need help really bad because this pain is overwhelming.
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I'm not sure 100% whats going on but my guess is to take a nasal decongestant if its safe for you so you don't feel the need to blow your nose as much.  You definitely need some antibiotics if its a sinus infection to clear it up.  They may need to check the socket too to make sure its still not exposed or they'll have to suture it up and close it off as much as possible.
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First off thanks so much for your replies and help. I will be heading to the dentist today and will write down what she has said and maybe can get a little more advise from you. Thanks again Doctor.
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How you doing now?  Feeling better?
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