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Sinus problems after root canal

I had a filling replaced in January, and as I was leaving the dentist, I had excruciating pain from the tooth, but then the pain suddenly went away a few days later! A few days later, an abscess formed. I had to get a root canal on the tooth, which is an upper molar, the second to last molar to be exact. The root canal went fine, and no pain was experienced (since my tooth's nerve was dead.) Now, the dentist placed a amalgam filling after performing the root canal, and told me to wait a little while before getting a crown. I decided to wait, because I noticed that throughout the day, the tooth would feel out of place, like it was swelling at the root and pushing the tooth up, messing up my bite.
I also noticed that I coughed up a lot of excess phlegm, but no signs of infection. It has been about 7 months since my treatment of my tooth, and it seems to be a repetitive occurrence. The tooth swells during the day, my bite feels strange, and I still have to cough up excess mucus, which is REALLY aggravating. I do notice, that when I wake up in the morning, my bite feels NORMAL, which is strange. I have told the dentist about this issue, and he ground down my bite about 3 times thus far. I just don't know what to do at this point.
Why crown a tooth that was "swelling" after having the root canal done? I don't know if I should just get the tooth extracted, and then get a partial denture since it is a middle molar. What would my options be in comparison to an implant? And firstly, what should I do about this issue?

tl;dr After getting root canal, rtc tooth seems to swell during the day, messing up bite, and have been dealing with coughing up excess phlegm for about 7 months. When I wake up, the tooth feels normal and so does my bite. It is an upper molar, which had an abscess, but it went away after the rtc treatment. What are my steps, I've brought up the issues about my sinus multiple times to my dentist.

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