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Skin grafts for receeding gums

I have receding gums on one of my bottom teeth that resulted from a permanent retainer. (The retainer moved my teeth too rapidly, I was told, and within two weeks, my gums started to recede.) Anyway, according to my oral surgeon, the recession is now at level 3 and ready for a skin graft. However, I've heard several stories that such grafts are not terribly effective. What is the success rate?  
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Seeing a periodontist for second opinion is advised.
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i had a bad accident over two years ago,it has taken all this time to get my implants in still waiting for the cap then i need a skin graft for the gums cause the accident did a lot of damgae to my teeth and gums,wondering how long does it take for that to heal once they do it and is it a chance that it might not take when done ,then what happens, thanks jennifer
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