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Small Cavities not on X-Ray

Can you please tell me the usual procedure for treating cavities that are too small to be found on an X-ray?  I went to the Dentist the other day for my first check-up in awhile.  The Hygienist did an X-ray and said she saw no cavities.  She called the Dentist in who took a quick look inside my mouth and said there were three minor ones and that it wasn't serious and I was very lucky to have gone that long and have something so minor.  Other than telling me I had to come back to fix that up, he didn't explain to me what he'd be doing and I'm rather nervous about it.  I know what they do with larger cavities, but not the ones that don't even show up on an X-ray.  The Receptionist booked me for two separate days - one side per day (which tells me they likely plan on using an anesthetic).  With cavities this small, is this even necessary?  Is drilling even necessary or just light etching that wouldn't really require anesthetic?  Having some idea may alleviate some of my fears.  

Thanks in advance.
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I am imagining that they're going to place some small fillings in those cavities.  If that's the case, anesthetic may not be necessary and can be done relatively quickly.  They will have to remove the cavity and fill it back up but the filling would just be a smaller filling.  Its still a filling.  The only reason why I say no anesthetic is because the cavity probably isn't too deep that there may be a pulpal irritation.  But you may need to ask your dentist specifically about what (or how deep) the cavities are.
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Thank you, Dr. Tsang :)

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