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Small transperant bumps on inside lower lip and one small white lump under tongue

I have two queries, lately i've found that i had some little blister like bumps on my lower inside lip, and one or two on my inside cheeks. they come and go from time to time and at first i thought this could be blocked saliva glands. They appear to be filled with fluid, and are transparent or pink in color. After these have gone they turn into a very light pink (hardly noticable) soft tissue, about 1-2mm in diameter although this might be due to them popping and it healing over as the tissue is damaged. The largest one i had was on my lip which was about 1.5-2.5mm in diameter so i doubt this would be a mucolele (sp) as they generally do not occur in the exact same spot as before. Also, under my tongue just to the left of the gland that connects the tongue to the tissue near the lower jaw i've found a bump about 3mm in diameter which is white in color, presumably puss. This white lump lies on almost the same line as the other red lumps which are fleshy and appear to be normal for under the tongue. I haven't experienced any mouth trauma lately that could inflict this, it suddenly just appeared out of nowhere almost, when i noticed this annoying thing in my mouth. Both of these symptoms (lower lip and under tongue) are painless. I'm healthy and only smoke on rare occasion and am sexually inactive, so its extremely doubtful its an STD. Anyways, i was just wondering what these are and how can i cure them, also and more importantly, are they contagious? Thanks for your time.
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It is impossible to give you an opinion without seeing the lesions but I think they are benign and they should be examined by an oral surgeon.
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sounds like mucoceles to me, but next time you get one see your dentist for a deinitive diagnosis. To me, it does not sound serious or disease related. Smoking is BAD, period, not just for your oral tissue but for every other part of your body. The chemcals in the smoke are poisonous and toxic, and you are voluntarily breathing them in and bathing your delicate lung and vascular tissues in them.
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mmm they do seem to increase in occurance and severity after smoking, the white one shrunk a little and then BAM went to a party and the next morning it was large again. Thanks for the advice, any more suggestions?
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you wont get a definitive Diagnosis over the internet. I'd sugeest you see a peiodontist or an oral surgeon while one of these "bumps" is present. this will ease your mind the most. i still think it is probably not serious.
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