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Does diet soda cause tooth decay? My friend allows her daughter to drink limitless quantities of diet coke, and she insists it isn't the cause of her tooth problems. The daughter has had a silver tooth, and more recently major fillings in some of her back baby teeth, for which the dentist wanted to put her under general anesthesia. My friend insists diet Coke is perfectly fine for teeth?
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yes diet coke can be causing it..... and she needs to get it fixed cause it WILL effect her permanent teeth when they do come in .,......juice, milk, they can all cause teeth problems for childern....
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Nobody should consume diet soda, especially children due to the artificial sweetener and high sodium.  It's the acid in diet soda that causes problems with teeth, but I wouldn't think a child would drink enough to affect her teeth, especially if she brushes her teeth regularly.  It sounds more like a deficiency of vitamin D & calcium.  If I were your frined, I'd have her checked out as her baby teeth should not be decaying  The biggest problem seen in children this young is the decaying of front teeth due to a child drinking milk or juices at night, or having gone to bed with it in their bottle as a toddler.
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