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Sore bump below one tooth

I am 24 and have never in my life had a cavity or any other dental problems including any need for braces.  I do still have 4 baby teeth that never had anything behind them and the tooth that is giving me some pain might be one of the 4.  I have a small sore bump in the gum of my right lower canine.  The pain is not much and can only be felt at times and is sore to the touch. The slight swelling is a big concern.  What could this be and what can I do for it?  

I am now and will be living outside the country for the next 4-5 months.  I need more advice than just to go to the doctor seeing as how I don't speak much Chinese and don't have so much trust in the doctors in this small city.

Thanks for the help.
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It could be a fistula which is a tract that travels from a potential abscess site to the gum area.  If that's the case and you can't see a doctor immediately, you can try to obtain some antibiotics to try to clear the infection temporarily until you can see a dentist you're comfortable with.  It shouldn't swell up as long as the area is open and the pus can drain out.  Try using a warm salt rinse to keep the area clean as well.  

If it worsens though and it is a baby tooth, it may need to be removed.
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One more bit of info on my problem....

The sore and swollen area is low on the gum and not near where the gum line.  The area is small and does not have much color change though there may be a small amount of white...maybe.
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