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Sudden swollen cheek 5 days after dental procedure

I had a root canal performed about 5 days ago (Monday). It took several (I think 6 or  8) shots of Novocaine to numb my tooth enough to do that procedure.  There were no complications, but as expected, my jaw was extremely sore after the numbness wore off.  However, there was no swelling-- just stiffness and soreness that was easily treated with OTC painkillers (ibuprofen).  

I returned to the dentist yesterday (Friday) to have my build-up done in anticipation of getting a crown.  The dentist did not administer any Novocaine or shots... she just drilled out the temporary filling and refilled it with a permenent one.  The temporary crown has not been placed yet.  Again, no problems or complications, and I left the dentist's office feeling fine, although my jaw was still a little stiff and sore from the root canal on Monday.
Strangely, at about 9:00 pm last night (still Friday), one side of my jaw/cheek felt kind of puffy.  The more I touched it, the puffier it seemed to be. I took more ibuprofen and went to bed.  

This morning, it is even puffier.  It looks a lot like it did when I had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago.  There is no redness and no acute pain (I still have a small amount of pain when I try to open my mouth really wide... this seems to be residual soreness from Monday's procedure).  I'm not really uncomfortable except that the swelling makes my face on that side feel a little weird, and my cheek looks a little distorted, especially when I smile.  
I have put in a call to my dentist, but should I call her emergency line and/or go to the emergency room (it is Saturday and a holiday, so seeing a regular doctor is out)?
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