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Swallowed Tooth Filling?

I went to the dentist today to get two filling replaced which were metal filling.  During the procedure I swallowed twice without realizing until later.  Not only that afterwards I went to rinse my mouth out with water thinking I got all the debris out I went to swallowing again noticing that some was still left in my mouth.  I did swallow pieces of my filling during and after the procedure.  I did call my dentist to ask him if it was harmful but I received no answer yet?  Is it harmful to swallow pieces if metal filling when they are being replaced?  I'm I in danger of anything by doing this? Please Help.  Thank You
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I've done the same in the past when having a filling replaced.   I'm sure it didn't bother me at all.  Health wise, they've been in your mouth, so I don't think they will doing anything but pass naturally and you won't even know it.  

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This will pass through your system with no issues so try not to worry.
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