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Swelling in Jaw

Hi and thank you in advance for this incredible service. A few years ago several of my molars in my bottom teeth fell out or crumbled out. These were teeth that had had some work, some with unfinished work too, some root canals that didn't end up getting crown-finishes. The gum/cheek swelled up on the left side then went away. Then the right side swelled up and a tooth's remaining root there was hurting pretty badly, and it kept getting worse, very painful. I saw a dentist who sent me to an oral surgeon, who put me on anti-biotics and then when the swelling went down most of the way, he removed the roots. It has been over a week and it has healed up well but there is still a little swelling in the gums (the cheek swelling is all gone). No pain. I'm supposed to go back in another week if that swelling isn't gone.

What is happening now, as of yesterday, the gums and jaw-area-cheek on the left side swelled up again! (maybe because I was eating only on that side for a few weeks now). I was researching online and it said that a dental/gum abscess is accompanied by pain. But I have no pain there. Just a little discomfort from the actual swelling.

My questions....

1. I don't want to have another round of anti-biotics right now so soon after the last round. Would it be dangerous to wait and see if this swelling goes down on its own?

2. Can I use goldenseal (herbal powdered root that is an anti-biotic) on some gauze and put it against the gum/cheek in my mouth a few times a day and see if this helps?

3. Is there anything else this could be other than a tooth/gum abscess (since there's no pain)?

Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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The infection may be coming back.  Or it may be another tooth that could be possibly flaring up.  I would recommend going back to get it checked out.  A swelling is a serious matter and it can spread or enlarge rapidly.  Another round of antibiotics may be necessary.  They'll give you a different one so that you don't overdo it on the same type.  Its much better than leaving a possible infection and letting it spread further and causing more harm and injury.
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Thank you! I was afraid of that. How common is it that these abscesses spread to damage the bones, the organs, etc?
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I wouldn't say too common although I don't see as many dire emergency cases as an ER or even an oral surgeon.  I would still say that it can happen and when it does, its a long process to recover so its always better to take care of it while its small, rather than when its a large infection.
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