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Swollen after Root Canal Retreatment

Last Wednesday I went to my Endodontist for a root canal re-treatment on my #3 molar. Prior to this procedure, I was aware that I had an infection (abscess) at one of the tooth's roots. (The original root canal done about 9 years ago.) They removed the existing crown because it was a bad crown and I was planning to get a new crown anyway. They searched for any missed canals but did not find any. They successfully re-treated the tooth, however, when the Endo was sealing my roots with the guta purcha's, I could feel the heat as they sealed the canals. It was an excruciating shock of pain all the way through the infection and into my jaw bone. The assistant told me it was normal to still feel pain even under anesthesia when there is an infection... I was skeptical. They filled the tooth up with cotton and a temporary filling. That night I had no pain or throbbing only slight tenderness in the surrounding gums.

The following day, Thursday, I went to my dentist to prep for the new crown. He removed the temporary filling & cotton and did a build up and took new moldings for my new crown. He then replaced the bad crown as my temporary crown. My dentist said he had no choice but to use the old crown in the mean time because if not, my teeth would shift and the molds for my new crown would not work for my new crown. I agreed and he re-cemented the crown with temporary cement. When my dentist pushed the crown back onto my tooth for a good temp. seal, I could feel pain from the crown almost as if the margins were DIGGING into my tender gums! SO PAINFUL.

After the anesthesia wore off from the crown prep, my gums surrounding the crown were THROBBING and PULSATING in pain. I used floss to wiggle and almost massage the gums for relief and also took two Motrins. The pain subsided. Two days later, this past Saturday, a dull throbbing started to come back and by the time I went to bed, the TROBBING and PULSATING came back but this time it was worse. It kept me up through most of the night I barely got any sleep. I woke up yesterday, Sunday, with my cheek swollen (sinus area right between my nose and tooth #3's root) as well as throbbing pain from the gums around the temp crown.

I am extremely worried and confused as to why I am swollen three days after the retreatment without any initial pain or swelling from the retreatment. I do not understand why the crown caused so much pain when it was replaced as a temporary crown and followed with the throbbing pain in my gums. I know that this crown is high (it is the only tooth making contact with my lower molars) But I DO NOT bite down on this side because it is in so much pain. I doubt this is a bite issue. I eat on the opposite side and never put pressure on this tooth. Today is Monday and I am still swollen and tender! There is also swelling around the area where the dentist and endodontist injected my anesthesia and it is actually the most tender swelling I currently have. Can someone please give me some information about my situation? I won't be able to see my dentist until tomorrow.

What I want to know is why did I start to swell 3 days after the root canal re-treatment? Is it because of replacing the already bad crown that is causing the irritation and swelling? Or is it normal for swelling to show up days after the initial treatment? How long should the swelling last? Why was there no swelling/pain before the procedure? Is my crown's margins far too high and therefore digging into my gums and even resting on the bones underneath my gums?

Thanks in advanced for any information or advice!!! I will be forever grateful.
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The swelling is probably an acute infection of  endodontic origin. gum infection rarely yields facial swelling, unless it's advanced periodontitis. If you do have advanced periodontitis, your dentist probably had referred you to periodontist. Going back to endodontist to have a post-op exam is advised.
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