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Swollen gum above wisdom teeth area


Just yesterday the area above my left wisdom tooth began to swell. At first it was a little annoying, but now it is downright painful to the point where I cannot sleep. Though my wisdom teeth have started growing, they have not yet grown past the gum (I am 20 years old). My right side is fine.

Is this a result of my wisdom teeth growing even further? Or is it an infection? I cannot close my mouth without biting into it and I think the blood may have come from me biting down in my sleep. I can't even eat without tearing up. The adjacent molar also aches, and I am scared that if it was an infection that it may be spreading. Any insight would be appreciated! Thank you.

(I have a picture but I can;t find anywhere to post it.)
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I would recommend seeing a dentist.  Its possible your wisdom tooth is infected and requires treatment, including possibly an extraction.  
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I think you need to meet with oral and maxillofacial surgeon or your dentist that can remove (extract) a wisdom tooth, if you are at high risk for complications. Else your doctor may suggest you antibiotics to help heal the infection.

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