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Swollen gum behind last bottom molar

I am not sure If I have an infection or if one of my wisdom teeth are coming in..?
This has been going on for about 2 and a half weeks.
On the right side of my mouth, the fleshy gum part behind my bottom last molar has been randomly swelling up and then going away. The swelling is enough to rub annoyingly against the top. The swelling goes away, but I have been hearing my heartbeat in my ear constantly, which started before the swelling appeared..Now it is constant, even when the swelling goes away... There is no pain just annoyance at this point. I noticed usually The tooth swelling starts at night, but it usually doesn't last into the morning, but It did for the first time today...I wanted to go to the dentist but apparently there are no openings until september..?! So far I have not taken any ibuprofen or anything, should I?

I am also wanting to get this under control because I am getting married in 4 days and I dont want anything like this to be going on..Im just not sure what to do?
Please help, I will be very grateful!
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Try to keep the area clean by rinsing thoroughly in the back area to prevent any food from getting in there.  There may be some food stuck in the back.  Its called pericornitis.  A dental cleaning would help to alleviate it but removing the wisdom tooth is probably the best long term solution.  You may also want to get a prescription for antibiotics since your wedding day is fast approaching.
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