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Swollen tongue

I've been having problems with my mouth for about a month now.  It first started out with painless ulcers on the floor of my mouth and a whitish appearance on the inside of my cheeks.  I went to an ENT and he prescribed a dental steroid that I applied to the ulcers.  Within 4 days, the ulcers went away, but the whitish appearance on the inside of my cheeks remained.  

Then the tip of my tongue started to feel burnt, even though I hadn't burnt it with food or liquids.  That eventually went away after about a week and a half, then came back for a week, then went away.  

Now for the last 2 weeks my tongue has been swollen.  At first my tongue felt sore and there was a tenderness right under my chin, but no swollen lymph node.  I went to the ENT again and he prescribed a oral steroid, prednisone, which I took for a week.  The soreness and the tenderness went away, but my tongue is still swollen.  I can eat and drink just fine.  I'm rarely drink (for the past 3 weeks, not at all) and don't smoke at all.  

My doctor is baffled and recommended blood tests, but prescribed diflucan for 2 weeks, just in case it's a fungus infection.  It's been a week on diflucan and there's been no change in my tongue.  My doctor doubts it's cancer because I don't have any other symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding in the mouth, weight loss, sore throat, etc.  Any ideas as to what it might be?
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A swollen tongue can be due to dehydration...are you drinking plenty of water?  It can also be an allergic reaction to medication, strep infections, hypothyroidism and the list goes on.  I think you definitely need to get some bloodwork done to determine the cause of this.  I hope this helps and good luck.
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