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Where can I get the titanium allergy testing to see if I am sensitive to the hardware in my neck? I believe it is called the Melisa test and it is a blood test. Does anyone know where I can get this done?
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I think that titanium has no allergies in humans. But it may be that you should ask your PCP about the test?
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Could you tell me what symptoms you are having?  I am doing some research for my mom who has been ill since she has had titanium rods implanted in her spine.  I am suspicious of an allergy.
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Visit melissa.org to find a lab that does the test in your country.  I know there is a lab in Montreal, Canada, and several in the US.  Melissa.org also has quite a bit of documentation proving that there exists an allergy to titanium.
Once you find a lab that can do the test then you can go to any clinic that can take blood and they will mail it to the lab.  
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I have been suffering severe and progressive muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, and other symptoms. I have a titanium plate in my cervical spine. After 18 months, I just found out I am having an allergic reaction to the titanium plate. The test was easy. The doctor took a normal x-ray of my neck and it showed a white cloud covering my entire neck and shoulder area. My metal plate was barely visible. I am told we caught it in time and I do not have to have the plate removed. The doctor is going to give me a IgG1 cell injection. This is suppose to work in 3 months. Since I can not find ANY information on this treatment, I would assume it is experimental. The cell injection is suppose to kill the bad cells that my immune system is attacking. I have not had the injection yet because I am still thinking about it but after losing the ability to walk, I am willing to do almost anything to return to normal.  
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wondering if the procedure worked for you. My husband had neck surgery almost 4 years ago and had problems since. neuropathy pain that he was told he would have to live with. In the last year he has progressively gotten worse. Started with allergy type symptoms in the early summer. Shortness of breath, sneezing and wheezing. Drs. refuse to even admit that he could possibly be allergic to titanium in his neck. He has severe fatigue, twitching in areas of his face, swollen glands in his neck, difficulty swallowing, very short of breath, unstable walking, even talking is difficult for him. He is having a problem keeping his eyes open. Constantly blinking and his eyesight is deteriorating. I've read that a melisa test is the only way to tell if someone is allergic to titanium. I'm trying to find a dr. to do the test. Hope you are doing better since your treatment.
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I had fusion neck surgery 2 yrs ago and ever since I have broken in rash on my legs hands and arms.. but now I will get rash’s on my face from time to time.. I have never had rashes or hives in my life until I had neck surgery .. I’m going to ask my doctor about sending me to have that test done
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