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TMJ/Jaw Bone Issues

In 2005, I had a bilateral total joint replacement of my TMJ's.
Since the surgery, I've had hearing loss and vision loss. I've also had severe bone pain in the mandibular bone and the bone behind my ear. The pain instantly draws me to tears.

The surgeon feels nothing is wrong..but, he concedes that I am in severe pain. His only advice is that I keep going to my pain doctor. I've been on everything from ativan to zanaflex. I am currently on roxicodone.

The pain is progressively getting worse. One problem that I have is doctors are unwilling to see me, because of the replacement surgery.

Prior to the replacement surgery, I had 14 surgeries on my TMJ (as a teenager). I hadn't had a surgery for 10 years. I was injured, which was one reason for the replacement surgery. The second reason I had the surgery was because of advanced avascular necrosis of my TMJ's.

One question I have is this, "Is it possible that avascular necrosis spreads...even though the joint was removed during the replacement surgery"?

The second question I have is this, "Is it possible that (from replacement surgery) a person could have a bone infection"? What would be the treatment for jaw bone infection? What type of doctor would you go to? An oral surgeon? A dentist? An ortho doc?

I am still trying to get into a doctor. But, I am having major difficulties, because they just don't want to touch me.
I don't want to be on pain meds, forever (as I am only 34). But, I also don't know what else to do with the pain. The surgeon who did the replacement won't consider doing 'exploratory surgery' or a bone biopsy for a year.

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Sorry, the score of your question is beyond my knowledge.  I would recommend posting this question in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery section to see what his opinion on your situation is.

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