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hi one of my teeth in my upper right back area is sensitive to really hot things the cold dont bother it to much i think it is a tooth that i got a small filling on about almost 2 months ago i can chew ok on it but when something really hot hits it it feels very sensitive it dont bother me when i am not chewing on it or trying to sleep so i dont need any pain killers any idea why its like that thanks
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Hi again,

Is this the same tooth that a crown was recommended on but not a root canal?

How long is the sensitivity for?  Does it spontaneously have pain?  Has the sensitivity been present since the filling was done?  Its possible it may be another tooth as well.

I would go back to your dentist for another evaluation.  Its also possible the tooth may need a root canal after examination.

Its possible that the tooth have pulpal necrosis.  What that means is that the pulp of the tooth is infected and has died.  The pulp is dead though, so sometimes it doesn't respond to cold at all but sometimes to heat.  As the tissue dies, the heat stimulate the gases that are formed in the tooth to move more rapidly, causing pain.  Sometimes even cold water will relieve the pain instead of causing pain cause it slows down the gas movement in the tooth.  

Another possibility is that its just sensitive from the dental work done on it.  But after two months, I would say that maybe replacing the filling (if everything else looks normal) may be the next step.  Perhaps the filling has a microscopic gap or leakage that is causing some sensitivity.

Sorry.  Not trying to be vague but there are lots of possibilities for sensitivity.
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