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Throat Lump sensation

I have checked out many avenues for my throatlump sensation.  Antibiotics for possible tonsil and or sinus issues.  Have a small goiter and both lobes are multi-nodular. Thyroid counts   fine and nodule normal. Had a GI and CT scan, were normal. Went to first ENT and he prescribed acid reflux medication, which I took for a month without change in throat lump sensation.  Went to Gastroenerologist and she didn't think I had gerd.  She took CT scan to hospital for further analysis and determined I had a throat cyst.  Went to her recommended ENT and he performed surgery and removed small throat cyst and viral wart.  Still feeling persists.  I had an MRI but results aren't back yet.  Gastro doctor will do an duodenoscopy this Tuesday to rule out reflux and I am having my uvula shortened because right now it looks like it is touching the back of my throat.  I have been perfectly healthy till now (55), and coming from Canada I find the medical system difficult to navigate.  I do see a periodontist every six months to keep my teeth in good order.  Here is the question:
Can a tooth be abscessed without any gum swelling, and cause this swelling in my throat?  A few years ago I had an abscess on the bottom left wisdom tooth.  After swelling went down, the dentist did surgery to build up the bone.  I am curious if I should have him x-ray this area to see if this could be contributing to the feeling of something in my throat which seems to be located in the upper part of the left side of my neck just under the left jawbone area, and now is also giving me a bit of an earache. Thanks
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The answer to the first question is yes. You can have an infection under the apex of a tooth without any symtoms. I would certainly investigate any possibility of any dental infection that may be draining into  a submaxillary node.
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I am curious to learn what you find out.  I have a similar sensation of a lump or sore throat on only one side for a year.  This is accompanied by intermittent pain in my lower jaw and ear pain.  I had my submandibular gland removed but the feeling persists.  Multiple dentist and ENT evaluations have been negative for abscess but I can't shake the feeling that there may be one below one of my two back molars.  Although the teeth are vital and not sensitive, the bone below these teeth is where my pain appears to originate.  My ENT is sending to me a neurologist because he thinks its a neuropathy of some kind, but I'm not sure I'm headed in the right direction. Do you know if there is any other imaging besides x-ray (which has been negative) which could identify a dental abscess?
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Im not sure if my "throat lump" is a dental symptom. However I do currently have a very painfull wisdom tooth.

This Throat lump appeard pretty much over night. It is on my right hand side and seems to move up and down.  It is not painful at all.. but I feel that I need to swallow it or burp it up.

I did have a slight chest infection about 3 weeks ago, which cleard up before this appeard..  

I am getting a little paranoid now though. The lump seems to be more irritating at night time and when I am busy doing something I dont seem to notice it.

Does anyone have any Ideas what this could be?
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Hi Everyone,
Well here is what has transpired since my last message.  PS my systoms of lump in my throat came right after I had an upper resiratory infection as well. I still have this lump sensation in my throat. I had an endoscope and found out I had gastritis and was percribed Preavid. Went back to my ENT and demanded an MRI.  The test showed I had a cyst under my right tonsil and recently had a tonsillectomy and had a partial uvulectomy.  I still have this sensation.  I just came back from the dentist today and had a full set of xrays and there are no dental problems.  Where to go from here.  I am trying acupuncture once a week, and started to take a homeopathic remedy called Ignatia. Don't really think this will work because it is related to stress and anxiety which I honestly believe is not my issue.  My ENT says if this doesn't work then the lingual tonsil will be next.  I would not like any more surgeries, I have had two already.  If anyone has found any relief or a diagnosis that he/she would like to share I would greatly appreciate this.  I have done the research and I'm running out of ideas.
Good Luck to all.
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I have had a lump in my throat for about 3-4 weeks.  I thought that it was from the dry mouth, my medicine gave me.  It just keeps getting worse.  Now I have what feels like a canker sore on the right side of my throat at the base of my where my tongue hits when I swallow.  I constantly feel pressure in the middle of my back and have recently started having heartburn terribly.  I don't have wisdom teeth, but I have had a chronic sinus infection.  I had my uvula removed almost 3 years ago.  Any ideas?
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Not sure if this will help you but when I was in college, I had a filling fall out of my #14 tooth, never had it refilled until recently-
I was feeling pain in my jaw, couldn't open it or eat hard food, my ear had pressure and my throat burned, it was draining and felt like I had a constant lump inside of it, spent the fifty bucks and went to urgent care, he said it was tmj and couldn't help me, gave me pain meds and sinus pills, i call and went to a dentist, decided to have all my cavities filled and have number 14 pulled, but the dentist, once he got in, took out the rot and filled the tooth, i felt great, all symptoms disapeared until the second day, everything i tried to eat on number 14 hurt, my face started to swell but the tooth looked so nice and white, free of ugliness, called the dentist, the tooth had to come out and he put me on antibiotics, my face swelling is coming down and i feel so much better, all symptoms are gone, including the lump feeling in my throat, i notice though, when i have a fan on i still get the nasal drip but saline spray can help that, do you get little white stone looking things in the back of your throat before you had your tonsils out?
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