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Thumb and tongue sucking damages?

My question is what are the damages when sucking your thumb and tongue , I suck my thumb and tongue  when i'm asleep and awake, and its a habit. i'm scared on what the damages might be. how do i stop sucking my thumb and tongue, is there anything i can buy to put on my thumb or make? its been going on for 2 years now, and i'm getting braces, would it make my mouth worse when i get braces and still suck my thumb and tongue or mess up the braces?
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Medicating yourself should be a later option. Its the habit that you need to break. Put something on ur thumbs so you wont want to suck on them anymore.
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What thumb sucking does is change the shape of your hard palate and facial bones. The braces will counter-act it, but you will be fighting against the change.  I suggest you try taking magnesium in the morning and vitamin D3 at night every day.  It seems like you are trying to treat discomfort or anxiety, and these supplements may fix it for you.  Apparently the best form for anxiety is magnesium glycinate.  It isn't easy to find, but I'd check ordering it on line.  
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ok thank you so much, i will try to find those vitamins
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