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Tingling feeling on the right side of my tongue

I went to the dentist on Tuesday and i had a filling done. I had the usually novocaine or whatever it is to numb the right side of my mouth. I never felt any pain from my tongue when the dentist did it like some people say they do, but i still do have a slight tingling sensation on the right side of my tongue. The tip of the tongue and the left side however is normal, and the numbing feeling of the right cheek and right part of the lip went the same day i had the dental work. I just wondered when my tongue will go back to normal?
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The injured lingual nerve generally will recover in weeks to months. However, very few cases may remain  dysesthesia permanently. Seeing a neurologist is advised.
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I had three fillings replaced on Wednesday and never get novocaine but was talked into it this time.  The pain during the injection was very bad.  Since the novocaine wore off, I have pain all over the area that had been numb, part of my tongue included.  It tingles, burns, hurts.  Movement, eating, hot, cold, all make it worse.  

I went back to the dentist Monday.  He said the needle touched the nerve and it could take months to heal.  He filed my filings a bit more to improve my bite in case that might help.  He told me to use warm, wet heat 10-15min. on then off.  He gave me tylenol with codeine, which takes the edge off the pain for about two hours at a time, although I am to take it every 4-6 hours.  

When the pain goes down, sometimes parts of my face, etc., feel partially numb.  The hot compress feels okay, but when I remove it, then pain gets worse.  Last night, I woke up hourly in pain.  This *****!  There is really nothing to be done for it but pain management.  Or is there???
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