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Tongue numb after dental filling

  I went to the dentist to have a filling re-done.  Twice I had to go back to the dentist and have them adjust the filling. It still hurt.  So the 4th time I asked them to just re-do it. When he put the Novocain in it hurt really bad and my arm flew up to stop him from doing the injection and they held me arm down out of the way. I have never had that reaction before when getting numbed.  That was Tuesday. Now it is Friday and my tongue is still numb.  Everything else he numbed worn off except my tongue. I think he hit a nerve.  Of course I went online and started reading threads and found that this can take days, weeks, or even months to go away and can actually be permanent?  Now of course I am scared my mouth is numb for life!  

Should I be worried? I have an appt to go back on Monday to have them check out my tongue and see what is going on although I can’t imagine he will be able to do anything.  After this is resolved I am finding another dentist.  My parents and husband all go to him and don’t have a problem.  Hoping someone can shed some light on the subject and let me know if they have experienced this or have had any patients experience this before.  

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When giving a mandibular block injection such as the one you have received, there is a risk of parasthesia (numbness) when we give the injection.  Unfortunately we can't see the nerve as we're numbing it and sometimes the nerve can be traumatized by the needle.  It will most likely resolve on its own as the nerve should be able to heal on its own.  You should probably be taking some anti-inflammatories to help with the pain and discomfort (if any) and to help the area calm down and let it heal on its own.  It can take up to 6 months for the area to resolve depending on the extent of injury.  If it does not resolve in 6 months, it may be permanent.  I have a feeling though that it should heal fine although I don't know how fast it will.  

Be careful when eating as it is hard with a numb tongue and the area should gradually improve on its own.  If it isn't, your dentist may refer you to a neurologist or other specialist for evaluation.

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Thanks Bosnianworrier for sharing your story.  Makes me feel so much better.

I went and saw an oral surgeon yesterday and he really put my mind at ease. He ran all sorts of tests on my tongue and I passed all of them.  He said I should have a full recovery in about 4-5 weeks or less.  Right now I am feeling burning and itching and tingling and I  have read that means it is healing.

It is such a scary experience.  Once this is resolved I will never take my senses for granted again.

Did you take anything to help the healing process? I'm taking B-12. B Complex, and Nerve Fix.

Thanks again for writing. Although I recieved good news yesterday I still work up feeling anxious about it but am happy to say I finally got a full night sleep for the first time since the incident.

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I had the exact same problem couple of years back. More than half of my tongue was totally numb and it was a really ugly experience. But within 6 weeks it healed completely.
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