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Tongue spots

I have been getting small white spots on my tongue for about a month now. At first it is a small white spot that over a a few days gets larger. it seems to get larger as the days go by. I always get it in the same spot and it goes away after about a week. It seems to come back within a two week period. i not sure what to do or if i have an disease. Also as the spot gets bigger, it turns red in the middle. I do have asthma and use an inhaler but this has never happened to me before. what do i do and what could this be? please help
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Seeing an oral pathologist or oral surgeon is advised.
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I have the same thing  have been seen by ENT. and oral surgeon.
it goes and come i have taken round of Medic. for it nothing work .
It goes and come and it smell. bad. at time. Please let me know if you find any help for this . it is only on the left side of my tongue..
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Wow, I have the same thing going on.  It seems like it starts small, gets bigger, then goes away within about 10 days.  terrified its cancer.  Going to the dentist on tuesday
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For months I have been plagued with what starts out as a small white ring on the left side of my tongue. Within a days time the white ring widens leaving a red sore spot in the middle then it sort of goes away in a day or two when another small or maybe two small rings begin . If there are more than one they usually join together and make one big ring always on the left side of my tongue. Does anyone else have this?
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