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Tonsil Stones

I have, what i have just recently found out, tonsil stones for a good 18 years now.I have been to ENT and Respiratory clinics and they have not been able to detect what i have.I have also fought with my Doctor relentlessly over this issue.

How easy is it to get a tonsillectomy for tonsil stones ?, i have done everything possible from salt water to antibiotics, to hundreds of other stuff.I would like to get my tonsils removed, i have heard of the horror stories and quite frankly this does not bother me. I would do anything to get rid of these things. I know that if i ask my Doctor he will tell me what he usualyy tells me, which is basically live with it.Obviously he has not been through what we have been through because i am sure if the shoe was on his foot he would not be so flippant about the issue.I've got to a point where i am extremely frustrated at having to look at peoples reactions everytime i open my mouth.

i would appreciate any feedback on how i can get these thing out and gone for good.
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Hi Damah,

I completely understand what you have been going through. I had my tonsils removed about ten years ago by an ENT and to know avail, I still have the same porblem, which has just eaten away at my self-esteem. I live in Washington, DC and "literally" just heard on Channel 9 news, that there was a lady in New York that has been suffering from tonsil stones for years. She went to her final doctor after going through so many others, and he preformed  in/out patient surgery to remove them. The procedure successfully removed them, and they "DO NOT " grow back. The name of the doctor is Yosef Krefpi, he is with St. Lukes Hospital in New York. I really hope this information helps.

Take Care and God Bless

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I'm sorry.  As a dentist, we don't really do any surgery on the tonsils.  You may want to ask the oral surgeon (in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery forum) for his opinion on the matter but I imagine that an ENT is who you want to speak with.  

Best of luck.

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