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Tooth Abscess Has Severe Swelling.

I don't want to make this too dragged out, but here is the situation.
Since i was a child my teeth have had decay from the inside out.. at age 19 i had multiple root canal's done, crowns, the works..
All my teeth crack leaving me with abscess's every 6-8 months...

I've been told the only real way to resolve these issues is getting dental implants.. and due to the fact that I'm the 1%, i don't have the funds to be dropping on them, so... i live in pain for the past 28 years of my life...

Two days ago a tooth that has been cracked for about 6 months developed an abscess..  i got the routine pain along with a bit of swelling, however no bubble in the gum line.. I woke up yesterday with a bit of swelling in the cheek, and put myself on amoxicillin which i have plenty left from previous incidents.. Normally when i have an abscess, i'll switch between amoxicillin and penicillin to keep my body from adapting to either type of med.

I've taken about 2000 mg of amox in the past 2 1/2 days, and this morning when i woke up... my face was exploded like it never has. cheek is completely inflamed, puffy soft spots all the way up to my eyelid. I'm developing minor sharp pains in my temple area, and I'm honestly freaking the hell out because i have heard horror stories of infections getting to the brain/heart/bloodstream and causing death. it seems that the infection is spreading more rather than simmering down, and I'm curious if there is anything else i can do to get around this. i just moved to new york city 2 weeks ago, with no insurance, no PCP and was considering going to the hospital however from previous experience they haven't been able to do much... thoughts?
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You need to get the problem tooth extracted to resolve the abscess if it hasn't spread too far.  If it has progressed too far, you may need IV antibiotics to calm the infection down as soon as possible and an evaluation by a dentist or oral surgeon to treat the tooth/teeth that are problematic.
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