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Tooth Extraction Healing Slowly
On 10/21/11 I had a tooth extraction of my #19 molar.  The extraction was due to a bad root canal that was never done correctly.  Infection had set in and ate away part of my jawbone.  The oral surgeon performed a bone graft at the time of extraction using cadaver bone.  It's now two weeks and two days later and the site of my extraction is far from healed.  The oral surgeon said it will take 6 weeks to close completely.  This concerns me for a couple of reasons:

1.  Most things I read online say that the site of a tooth extraction will heal completely within 2 weeks.
2.  Everything I've ever read talks about "stitching" the site up after the surgery.  I didn't have stitches.  He provided a "glue stitch" at the time of surgery, but when the glue fell off, it just left a large, gaping hole.

I still have quite a large hole in my mouth.  I'm still experiencing pain.  I've been back to the oral surgeon three times since the surgery for checkups and he said that it's healing fine.  I had a setback with some bleeding last week.  He put more glue on it which - I think - was a mistake.  When the second round of glue fell out, it left a giant divot in my extraction area.  It sort of put me back to square one.

Why didn't I receive stitches after surgery? Why did I never form a proper clot? My tooth went from the "glue stitch" to this large, open hole with yellowish-white stuff showing, which is apparently tissue healing over the bone.  

I'm not on antibiotics (I took antibiotics one month before surgery, one week before surgery, and took two Clindamycin the day before surgery because of a heart issue I have).  I rinse with salt water 3 times a day, rinse with an antibiotic rinse morning and night, and I was just given a syringe to clean the area out if something gets stuck in there.  For some reason I don't feel right about this and I just want an answer.  I think I need a second opinion.  It just seems like its taking far too long to heal.

Thank you, in advance.
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