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Tooth Extraction Worries

Tomorrow is the start of day 4 of tooth extraction healing, now I havent felt alot of pain but im worried about dry socket. How easy is it for the clot to be removed and if you do have dry socket can you see a whole or what? when my tooth was removed it had been chipped so when I look in my mouth at the extraction site I see only a little bit of white where the clot was. I am assuming it was because I only had a little bit of tooth left there before the pull. IM JUST AFRAID OF DRY SOCKET. Should I be worried because I keep thinking about it and just Counting the hours down day after day. Also can I sleep laying down now? I was told not to for the first 24 hrs but now I cant sleep with 3 pillows under me anymore lol
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a dry socket is seen as a whitish raw bone at the socket where the darkish gray healing blood would have been

bb was right you want to avoid the suction motion, no straws, no smoking, no spitting

and if you have a dry socket, you will know!....thats some pain you dont want to deal with!If you have a dry socket you would be in extreme pain usually starting around 3 days after the extraction
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Hi Matt, I had 1 dry socket, it was painful! Usually from I went through, when teeth dont' bleed much or form a clot, there's not enough moisture and it doesn't heal right it gets too dry, you can tell by the pain!  If it's day 4 and it's not hurting like the dickens you probably are good.  Mine hurt day 2 bad, had to go in emergency appt for meds for it.  My tooth when pulled did not bleed much only a few drops!  My other wisdom teeth bleed like crazy so that's the difference.
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Hey there. I remember the dry socket scare myself after a friend experenced it.
You can sleep laying down. The things my dentist told me were the most important, were things like
DO NOT suck like when you are trying to spit
Basically its the suction you want to avoid. So when you brush your teeth, instead of suction that you do prior to spitting, you need to let spit roll out. Instead of swishing water around your mounth, let it roll out.
Those are the most improtant things. NO SUCTION.
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