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Tooth Infection/Pain

How long after starting amoxicillin before the pain from a tooth infection goes away? I saw the dentist and started taking amoxicillin about 30 hours ago. I have a root canal scheduled a week from now. But the pain is as intense as it was prior to starting the treatment. I do have type II diabetes treated with diet and pills. I know this can prolong infections. But wow, I sure would like the pain to decrease. I'm taking vicodin and it still hurts!

Mr Ouch2009
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If the dentist did a pulpectomy (removal of the pulp and nerve of the tooth), the pain should subside almost immediately and should only have a dull ache for a few days.  

The antibiotics do take a little while to remove/clean the infection.  It would probably take about 3 or more days for the infection to start clearing up.  But the main cause of the pain is probably the nerve which needs to be removed.  The treatment of a root canal takes care of that.  Hope that helps some and hope you both feel better.
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Well, it has been 54 hours now, and the pain is down to about 40% of what it was, so that is an improvement, but still hurts. Ear still hurts too, and small lump developed on the side of my mouth. I guess swelling a bit.

I hate this too! I can deal with pain, but dental/face pain that continues for days really gets to me. I guess I'm a crybaby.

If it still is giving me pain tomorrow I'll call me dentist to see if this is standard.

You had antibiotics placed into the tooth it seems, so you must have had it bad. Good luck! Hope your pain goes away soon.
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I am looking for the same answers, I was at the dentist on Friday and had a channel drilled into the roots and antibiotic put into it, now Im on anti biotics, its still painful and the dentist isnt doing a root canal for 3 weeks to give it time to settle down. I dont think 30 hours is long enough though.I  have been at least 48 hours now, and its still painful.
Let me know how you get on. I hate all this!!

Good Luck
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Hi ouch

Glad the pain has subsided somewhat, maybe tomorrow it will be a bit better again. Mine is a bit better today as well. I have a tiny lump on my gum as well. Infection I guess.

Theres something about dental issues that is a nightmare to deal with, you are'nt a crybaby at all, there are lots of people like us.

Im sure the pain is normal,hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow. I am a type I diabetic, so I think things take a little longer for us.

All the best.
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Thanks. And hope you improve quickly too. All the best.
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