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Tooth Pain/Sensitivity After Filling

I went to the dentist last Wednesday (today is Sunday) and got a lower back tooth filled.  I also had one pulled and being the big chicken that I am, I had sedation dentistry done.  

After the procedure I was totally out of it, and the dentist told my wife that they had hit a nerve in the one tooth that was filled, and that it would only be a matter of time that I'd need to have a root canal.

It's been 4 days now and the tooth (filling) in question is still sensitive to cold and hot.  At first it was only causing pain when I ate something cold or hot, but today it's kind of staying sore for longer periods of time (after I eat something).

I'll be getting in touch with the dentist to see exactly what he said to my wife and see what he thinks, but was curious as to anyone else's opinion on this.

Does it sound like I have a problem or is it possible that some healing may just need to take place if they hit a nerve or what?
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What kind of filling did you get? Ceramic or the silver kind? If it is the silver kind my fiencee and i have the same problems. when i got the pain with hot and cold after getting tooth filled i went to a different dentist and he said it hurts because the silver shrinks and then expands and pushes on the teeth nerves he took the silver filling out and put a ceramic one in adn i dont even notice it any more. so that might be your problem. Take Care!!
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i had a white filling put in my tooth and it is a;ready sensitive but now i notice the discomfort comes and goes anyone know what this and my roots are being exposed
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the decay was probably very deep. once the nerve is exposed you will eventually need a root canal and it will be sooner than later. there is no other way to fix this issue and it will not heal.
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