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Tooth Pain Without Abscess

Hello -

About 3 or 3.5 weeks ago I had a cavity filled in my top left molar. It had originally had a white filling which had loosened, and my dentist replaced it with an amalgam filling.
Since then, this tooth has been hurting me, causing pain to radiate from my tooth to my jaw. It is sensitive - but not overly so - to cold and heat. I went to my dentist and he took an x-ray this week and saw no sign of decay or abscess.

What could the problem be?
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I should clarify: it is sensitive to extreme cold (like ice-water) and extreme heat (like very hot coffee). The pain lingers, but doesn't make me want to kill myself. On a previous tooth which had abscessed, when anything *warm* touched my mouth I felt like I was about to jump to the ceiling. This isn't that bad. It's just a constant soreness and sensitivity.
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if anyone has any advice that'd be great. it's still bothering me; it feels like it's 'full'
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The source of thermal sensitivity is probably from occlusal interference of  new restoration or from original tooth, assuming no pulpal enroachment by decay and periodontitis.
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