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Tooth Replacement options??

I have a tooth crown towards the front (next to one insissor) that may need replacement soon. Been this way for 7+ years and it came off a year ago since the tooth inside started going bad. My present dentist glued it back on and its held for a year so far. Dentist tells me that she may not be able to reglue it back on if it breaks off again.

I however want the matter addressed asap b/c stuff is going inside this crown and causing decay. I guess she fixed it temporarily but ended causing voids between the tooth base and the crown causing food to catch in there. Flossing does not help.

We are discussing options such as implants and bridge. I am just wondering if there are other better options out there that is not as costly as implants. I have 2 dental insurances but implants are usually not fully covered. I still will have some major out of pocket expense.

I also don't know if a bridge would be a good way to go? I will be seeing the denstist who did the original work to get a 2nd opinion. Anyone have a similar situation where you are/had been faced with having to replace a crown?

Any suggestions or thoughts..
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Implants are the new technology, and until they come up with a way to regrow teeth, they will remain the best option.  An implant that is well done and well taken care of will last a lifetime.  
Good luck with your treatment.
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Thanks, I needed to know whether there are other "technologies" out there besides implants. Its beginning to sound that an implant is the way to go. I am getting predeterminations done on the implant and dental portions so I know what my out of pocket will be.

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Well, your question is not clear.. Are you asking for the least exopensive option or the best option. They don't always meet..
Let me start by saying that every case should be evaluated individually.. Lacking an x-ray and other clinical information I am gonna tell you what I would go thru for my patients.
First the tooth should be avaluated for salvagability, you maybe able to get a root canal and post in there and have another conventional crown placed on for sometime yet.. If the root is too short( which would not be a surprise on that tooth) then your best option would be an implant, with out any hesitation.  The bridge option is really a poor substitute, and over the years you will spend far more on that and destroy much more good tooth structure than you will ever save by not geting and implant.
Hope this helps.
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