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Tooth abcess for years, has it spread?

I have bad teeth, my three front teeth have sever decay, from gum loss to enamel loss exposing the underneath. Couple years ago I got an abcess on my gums above the teeth, it popped and drained. This happend again later on. Then the abcess started on the roof on my mouth, and has happend couple times over the years. Sometimes it drains and other times just goes down. Now I am getting worried, I have had sinius pain,eyes, ears, glands and head or brain pressure. I have just started to get into a dentist, I am on medicaid. Today the abcess burst with the usual spitting blood till it was gone, but seems there was two since there is still one there, all purple. I then got all anxious, with head pressure etc. etc. My question is should I seek emergency treatment for this, has it spread too far. Will an ER help, treat me?

I know of a dentist clinic that takes medicaid should I try there for emergency treatment?
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You can contact your local dental society to find out which dentists take medicaid in your area.  

Yes, you can be treated at the ER although most likely they'll just prescribe antibiotics and pain medications if they don't have an oral surgeon or dentist on call.  

I wouldn't wait to find out if it has spread to the brain or heart.  At that stage, you are in trouble and would need to go to the ER as soon as possible.  The fact that its popping and draining has prevented it spreading too rapidly into the brain or heart but it may spread there anyways since its been several years that this infection has been present.  I would highly recommend taking care of your teeth immediately to prevent any life threatening situations.
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Scratch that last part, they only accept medicaid for children... Guess I will go the sliding rate route.

What I would really like to know is, how to tell if this has spread to the brain or heart?
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I found out Monday that I have had an abscess on tooth #9 since it was capped in Nov.  My concern is this: how much damage can I have from having this infection for so long?  I have had both knees replaced, a cataract surgery in one eye and scheduled for cataract surgery for the other eye next week.  I am also looking at a hip replacement in the near future.  I am concerned about one of my knees as the doc said the infection could settle there and I have been experiencing pain.  I am also concerned if I should have the cataract surgery as I did experience a lot of swelling with the last surgery.  I have been seeing my MD because I have been so exhausted and just felt wasted!  No energy!  He had recommended an oral surgeon who discovered it was an abscess.  

What are your thoughts?
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Thank you for your reply, living with this is a pain and wonder if it could be a cause to sinus problems. I have a appointment with a dentist after the first, if I can afford it, still trying to find a dentist here in Missouri that will accept medicaid.

I would still like to know the symptoms of the infection spreading to the brain. I have a "tension" like pressure in my forehead, the sides of my head and sometimes just a pressure feeling "inside" my brain. Could this be from the infection?
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Probably not a literal infection in the brain but in the facial spaces of your head.  Or possibly in the jaw bone but causing some pressure in the sinus area as well.  Again, I would find a dentist immediately or go to the ER for this chronic abscess.  At least get some antibiotics to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Contact your local dental society for a list of dentists which take medicaid.  
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Any oral surgeon would remove your front tooth due to the abscess.  If it can be saved, going to an endodontist or general dentist to do a root canal may be another option.  Yes, you should probably be pre-medicated with antibiotics prior to dental treatment to prevent any possible infections in your knees or hip (after replacement).
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