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Tooth abscess and ear pressure?

I was diagnosed with a dental abscess about two weeks ago.  It was treated with antibiotics and a root canal.  However 4 days after I was diagnosed with the abscess (prior to the RC) I began experiencing some strange sensations.  I felt pressure (and kind of a warm feeling)in both my ears.  This was later coupled with pressure in my nose b/w my eyes.  This ear/nose pressure has been going on for two weeks now.  It occurs just about every day each episode lasting an average of 15 minutes and then subsiding.  When I had the root canal done I had another X-ray done which revealed that the abscess was still there despite a week of antibiotics.  Could these pressure sensations be related to the abscess in anyway?   Any help would be greatly appreciated...I am at my wits end.
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I do not think the pressure sensations are related to the abscessed tooth and I also would not anticipate that the infection would be cleared up in that short a period of time.I would suggest that if the ear problem persists you see your MD.
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